Flora & Fauna

Flowers & animals in Val di Fassa


In Val di Fassa, you can find a lot of marmots, foxes, squirrels and hares together with Ungulata: roe-bucks, chamoises and deer. Here you can admire golden eagles, wood-grouses, capercaillies, black cocks, partridges and a lot of minor species. Rare species you can find here are: bearded vultures, falcons, the sparrow hawks and kestrels. About birds of prey, in Val di Fassa you can admire eagle-ows, ows, Tengmalm's owls and dwarf owls. Available different species of woodpeckers.


The Val di Fassa has a typical alpine fauna and it's characterized by a large and valuable forest. Trees represent the greatest natural treasure of this valley and here it's possible to admire forest of firs, pines and larches.Here it's possible to admire also a magnificent heritage of medicinal herbs and flowers: red lilies, dandelion, daisies, rhododendrons, Genzianella, edelweiss, primroses, clover, pink and white lily, wild Negritella, violets, anemones, bells, wild sage, thyme, buttercups, botton gold, etc.

In June and July you could admire the bloom.